Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

First, you need to create an account here, then verify your email to activate your account. Log in and starts trading.
Bitcoin is a volatile digital currency thus the price fluctuates. Though we specify how much we buy in USD but the actual value of Bitcoin in USD fluctuates. When selling, you get the prevailing price while placing the order.
The minimum you can sell at any given time is $20 worth while there is no maximum.
Login to your account, click on verification, fill a simple form and upload your valid means of identification i.e Int'l Passport, Driver's License, Permanent Voter's Card or National Identity Card. Please note that without completing this KYC Verification, you wont be able to buy Bitcoin on our platform.
To sell bitcoin to us, login to your account and click on Sell Bitcoin. Enter the Bitcoin you have to see how much you get in Naira for it. Then transfer the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell to the wallet address shown to you. And we will fund your bank account immediately the Bitcoin is received.
You need to create an account, verify it then complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification process. Then place a Buy Order, send payment to our Bank Account provided to you within 20mins or the other will be cancelled. Once payment is received, your wallet will be funded immediately.
We always to keep to our promise of instant funding of your Wallet Address, mostly within 5 minutes once payment is received. We usually get the comment “so fast!” from our customers.
We always to keep to our promise of instant funding of your Bank Account. However, we credit Paxful to Paxful instantly while we credit Paxful to Blockchain or Blockchain to Blockchain after 1 network confirmation. We usually get the comment “so fast!” from our customers.
No. We strictly buy Bitcoin and USDT ONLY.
No, No and No!!! We only buy Bitcoin and USDT only. We don't invest or do forex trading or train people. We don't offer investment advice or any other services.
If your question or inquiry is not answered here. You can Call/WhatsApp 07065177007 or send mail to
PLEASE NOTE: Only contact us if you want to sell Bitcoin and USDT, any other enquiries outside this, we will not respond to you.